Thursday, September 23, 2010

She's growing so fast.

Our little peanut has grown out of her preemie clothes. I cannot believe it. When I had the boys at the Dr. last week with all of their various ailments I snuck in a weigh in for Addison and she weighed 5 lbs 9 oz.

Here she is 2 wks after birth, swimming in her preemie clothes and looking pretty cranky. Can you blame her? :)

small clothes

"Uh, Mom, these sleeves are gettin a bit short!"


"Hey, what the heck is that?"

Don't you love when they discover their hands? So cute.

Miss Addison is a very good baby. She fusses when she's hungry, messy or has spit up on herself. She wants to eat every 3 hours and does one 4 hours stretch at night so if I go right to sleep after the 10pm feeding I could actually snag a little over 3 straight hours of sleep. WE have been getting out with her much more than we did with the boys. We just are very honest with people and tell them not to touch her. We don't pass her around either. We have been able to go to church and library time. I know we are quite the jet setters :)

I have LOTS of posts in my head just little time to write them. I hope to take a little time to get them in print so that I have a memory of this crazy time because let me tell you having 3 kids is NO JOKE. I know I have sweet friends reading this who have 5 and more and they are probably snickering but i have decided that they are secretly super heroes. If I allow myself to believe this than I don't have to wonder HOW IN THE WORLD they do it all. I can just continue to lament over the difficulties of having 3 that are 3 and under. :) It works for me.

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