Monday, September 20, 2010

Jared's getting older!

Jared's Birthday was last week. He is 34. Don't worry I didn't forget his birthday or anything I just don't have a whole lot of time to be on the computer currently.

I had to laugh, as I baked a cookie cake with the boys and made Daddy a brithday crown, at how much our lives have changed. There was a time when I would plan his birthday so methodically; where we would go, what I would wear, taking such care over the entire day and now although we still try and make his day special things have DEFINITELY changed. This year I had to tell him to hurry up so that we would have time for him to open his gifts, sing and blow out the b-day cake before dinner because we had to get to church. :) What hasn't changed is the love and respect that I have for him and now the love his boys have for him. Jared is a wonderful father and husband. We love you! Happy Birthday!

Alex, Eli, Addison and Mommy





Making Daddy's b-day crown. When I asked the boys what we should get Daddy for his b-day they said that he should be the king and he needed a crown. SO lucky Daddy got a constructin paper crown. ;)

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