Thursday, September 30, 2010

The day is here.

This is going to sound crazy but I have been anxiously waiting for this day. I have fond memories of my AWANA days and still remember verses that I learned as a 5 year old. Crazy, how that works, huh? :) Anyways, the boys are officially starting "Cubbies". It is AWANA for 3 & 4 year olds. I got the letter in the mail with emergency forms and sat right down and filled them out. Yes, Miss Procrastination takes a back seat when I am excited about something. Anyways, the boys got a letter with a cubby bear on it but there was just one so I made a copy, put it into separate envelopes and they got their first piece of mail also. They were so excited. Alex slept with his letter and then quickly grabbed it before getting out of bed the next morning.

Every day since they ask when "cubby church" is. On Sundays they ask "is this cubby church or regular church?" Since I started this post (3 weeks ago) Alex came home from the first night of cubbies with a vest and I didn't think much of it but Eli didn't have one. Jared just assumed he left it in the car but upon searching we came up with nothing. I asked my sister if Alli came home with a vest and she said no. Upon further research (I made my sister Missy investigate) no one not even Miss Shari (his cubby teacher) knew why he came home with one because they still have to be ordered but Shari did say there was an extra one there and "someone" must have given it to Alex. Knowing my Alex I am assuming he thought "Wow, that vest is cool and there is a bear on it. I think I'll take it home." You see when Alex puts his mind to something LOOK OUT! So he has since slept in it and wore it to play outside. I finally washed it and hid it because I was afraid Eli would get a bit jealous and I didn't want to have the "you have to share your awesome vest with your brother battle". Since then they both have recieved vests and all is well.


They both said their verses the first week and got stickers. The next weeks verse was "all have sinned" which, led to a lesson on sin, which, has led to some pretty funny discussions with my little boys. So fun. One of the cool "bonuses" of all this is that Mommy is unable to get these little verses out of her head. This week I keep repeating to myself "everything He had made was very good, CHA CHA CHA". (Cha, cha's added by Mama so that it sticks in the boys heads.)

This past Spring they also started Sunday School and they have lessons. I ask them regularly what they learn and I hear nothing but "crickets" (complete silence). When I ask them what they did they say "puppets" and they sing "twinkle, twinkle, little star", EVERY WEEK. Hmm... so, recently, I decided to mess with them and ask them some specifics; "Did you learn about Jesus?" Alex responded "yes". "Did you learn about monkeys?" again "yes". "Did you learn about clowns?" "yes" "The circus?" "yes", etc., etc., and on it went. I said, "wow you learn a lot in Sunday school" to which Alex responded "yep, Jesus LOVES the circus."

Despite their inability to tell Mommy and Daddy what they've learned I am overjoyed and thankful at being able to pass on this heritage to our children and hey, who knows, Jesus very well may like the circus. :)

my little cubby eli

my cubby

Good, True & Beautiful


Joyfull said...

I also memorized Bible verses as a child that I remember to this day. What a great thing for your children to be in, so glad they are excited. Many blessings to you and your family.

trooppetrie said...

i love awana, it has taught me as much as it has taught the kids

Liz said...

That's too cute about the vests. I get the same response when I ask them what they did at preschool. Mostly it's just "We played."