Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ah, pregnancy

12wk u/s

Written last week (2/25):

Well, I am almost to week 12 in this pregnancy. I have an appointment today and I am looking forward to the 2nd trimester like you wouldn't believe. I hope it does not disappoint. I am hoping(probably unrealistically)that it is like a magic switch and I will suddenly not be nauseous. With the boys I was sick most mornings but I would throw up like a good girl and head to work. This pregnancy I am not throwing up as much but I am nauseous most of the day. This week however I have spent almost 2 days in bed or throwing up. Thankfully, Jared came home on Tuesday because I didn't have any other help available and Wednesday Jared's parents came over and saved me for a few hours. Last night I had a 3 hour window at about 5 o'clock where I felt human which allowed me to get my house looking fake clean. You know, the surface clean that makes you feel a bit better. :) This morning I woke up early and felt normal for about an hour which was long enough to throw in some laundry and start to blog however now I am quite nauseous again.

I keep wondering if I really didn't feel this gross with the boys or if I have magically forgotten how sick I was. Kind of like how, in my memory, a C-section was no big deal. I am hoping that one rings true once more but even my recovery seemed pretty simple. I guess I am thankful that as Moms we forget this stuff or else no one would have more than one child. So that is how my pregnancy is progressing. I am so thankful that Jared is such a trooper and that I have such helpful family in the area.

Written today:

I am now in week 13 and feeling MUCH better. I have a cold but other than that the nausea has died down a ton. Unfortunately, my hormones are pretty crazy. Does that mean a girl??? It feels like 1/2 the world is pulling for a girl so everyone is CONVINCED that is what I will be having. Jared and I on the other hand would be equally pleased with another boy. BOYS ARE GREAT! Speaking of the boys, they are still pretty adamant about not wanting a brother or a sister. :) Thankfully they have about 6 months to warm up to it!


Gucci Mama said...

My pregnancy with my daughter was vastly different than my pregnancy with my son. I was definitely sicker and more hormonal. Could be a pink one this time! Are you going to find out or wait to be surprised?

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

We definitely plan on finding out! I am counting down the days. I mainly want to know so that I can put a name to this little one. :)

John Deere Mom said...

Love the pregnancy updates! My sister is expecting her first...due in September. But she isn't finding out what she's having! Hmpf! I am glad you are! :)

Stephanie said...

So sweet. I love ultrasound pictures. Our God is amazing, isn't He! So glad you are feeling better. We are still praying for you and your pregnancy. I think I am getting your cold. Yuck! :)

Kari said...

First off-- Congratulations! I've been SO far behind in my blog reading and just found out about your pregnancy! What a blessing! It fueled my desire to have another baby too! =)

I was SUPER sick my twin pregnancy so I always wonder if I'd be sick with a singleton. Hmmm...

Praying for a healthing pregnancy, and sweet relief for the mama soon! =)

Liz said...

Sorry to hear you had it rough but I'm glad you are feeling better now. Can't wait to hear what you are having...I vote boy.