Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*Michigan winters are LONG

*have I mentioned that before? :)

*this winter was especially cold

*we were inside more than expected

*the upside is that I believe being cooped up can foster a good bit of creativity

tambourine lex

*like playing in the band and making your own valentine's day tambourines

feathers tech. difficiulties

*and wearing your hat upside down because you "need to feel the feathers on your face"

* the boys attention spans have really lengthened this Winter

*while that may have happened anyway I'd like to say Winter helped

* I mean we have to find some upside to our long Winters, right?

I am looking forward to Spring but thankful for the fun we've had inside our home this Winter. Let me re-iterate. I am DONE with Winter! :)


Tammy said...

I'm enjoying our "Springlike" weather. We've been able to take the kids out hiking. It's great. I wish I could tackle the yard, but I am still recovering from surgery.

Kelly said...

I'm DONE with winter too! And I'm not one to complain about it, but I'm so over it. We've spent the past 2 days outside, it's been glorious!