Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just when you think life is going to be pretty routine your son poops out a penny. :)

What???? Some intro, huh?

Well quite literally, I changed Eli yesterday after nap and found a penny. Is that lucky? You know see a penny pick it up..... Anyways I wasn't feeling real lucky when I asked Eli if he had eaten any more pennies and he said "Yes!" Poison control said the only way to know is t o have an x-ray. We rolled up to the ER downtown and they greeted us and asked if we would like our "regular room". OK I am exaggerating but I swear we should have one by now. Thankfully his x-rays were clear and we were able to rest easy knowing there were no foreign objects remaining in our child.

In typical "almost" 3 year old fashion he surprised Mama by going POSTAL over having the hospital band put on. He screamed, he shook, he shrieked. During the x-ray however while they strapped him to a chair and proceeded to have Mommy leave the room (due to my being pregnant) he did absolutely fine! Someday I will learn it is difficult to prepare for anything with kids. I spent the ride there and the entire time we waited prepping him for the x-ray rather than the hospital bracelet. What was I thinking??? :) Interestingly enough he will not let me take of the hospital band now.

So our life has been anything but routine lately. Lots of changes. Lots of surprises. Least of which this new baby who is giving me another "interesting" pregnancy. God is teaching us A LOT about trusting Him. We also got a surprise and were able to find out what we are having a bit early. Boy or Girl??????

I will post soon. I decided not to announce the baby's sex in the same post that I talked about their brother's poo. I am considerate like that! :)

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Liz said...

I swallowed a penny when I was young too--my mom taped it into my baby book. Still have it today actually. Sorry you had to go through that ordeal.