Friday, February 19, 2010

A Whopping 35 Degrees!!!!

Yes, the past two days have been in the mid-30's here. We are thrilled and have been out playing a lot. It has been such a cold winter with so little snow for us that we haven't played outside as much as I thought we would therefore we took advantage of this "warm" weather. It is like Spring fever here. Last night we went out to play after dinner and I could smell someone grilling. :) I had to laugh at that although a lot of Michiganders do grill all winter long.

Anyways the boys are thoroughly enjoying the weather and napping BEAUTIFULLY! Here is a little bit of our past couple of days!

handsome swingin'

They enjoyed their swings and slide

li lex

the fort that Daddy built


and despite having on snow boots, a scarf and my big mittens and even with the snow beneath my feet I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face.

Alright, Spring, don't tease us. Send some more sunshine our way!


Twenty Little Toes said...

Yes, some sunshine please Mother Nature

Becky said...

Oh my gosh...the sun came out today for like the first time in FOREVER and it was pure bliss!

I think we appreciate the other seasons SO much more because of this :)

KJ said...

This made me laugh because we are having the exact opposite problem! Since we came back from Hawaii I can't get the kiddos outside...they don't quite get it that the snow is cold and not like the sand!