Friday, December 7, 2012


My weekly instagrams!

life rearranged
Apparently somebody wanted s beard.
Addie had fun with paints this past week.  She did a taste test AND painted on a beard. Good times.
Charlie Brown Christmas on Hulu.  This is probably the size of the TV I watched it on as a kid. #traditions
Charlie Brown Christmas.  They quoted scripture when telling the Christmas Story and Eli said "Are they talking about OUR Lord?"  So sweet.
This sweet child was so crazy during her brothers concert that I almost accidentally knocked the video camera over the balcony 2x's.  #gottaluvthebaby
This was after the boys concert.  This little girl wore us out!  She may look sweet but she is a force.  Trust.
The boys got to rent a video game for doing well at the concert so that leaves Addie and I to play with Mommy's phone.  #mommydaughtertime
The boys rented a video game after the concert so Addie and I had fun playing with my iphone.

$2 each at a Mom 2 Mom sale and I have 2 very happy 5 yr olds!
Picked these up for $2 each at the Mom 2 Mom sale.  The boys LOVE them.
Bundled Addie up for a walk despite the cold. Glad I did. Must combat #winterweightgain :)
Bundled Addie up for a walk yesterday .  It was cold but she LOVES getting outside.

So now we prepare for the weekend.  Had a relaxing coffee date with Kim, Addie and Amanda this morning and look forward to getting extra time with all 3 of my boys this weekend.

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