Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ordinary days


Finally...WARMTH!  Today is supposed to get up to 87 degrees. Yay!  As I mentioned in my last post it has been a bit chilly.  We had a warm March and a cool April.  Gotta love Michigan.  Anyways, Spring has returned and the kids and I enjoyed a day in the backyard.

Addie LOVED the water that was freezing cold coming out of the hose.  I thought or sure she would hate it.  She has always loved the water but I thought maybe she'd hit that age of not wanting it in her eyes or splashing her.  This was not the case and it was SO nice to just be able to hang out with my kids.  We didn't have any appointments or anything today.  Love those days!

I almost neglected to mention that by the time I got sunblock on Addie the boys had already stripped off their clothes and I looked out the window to find them sitting bare buns on the cement chatting.  I thought that they'd be a little less "uninhibited" this year.  I was wrong.  While I got their suits together Alex proceeded to hop on the swing that way.  Call me crazy but doesn't that seem a little bit uncomfortable.  Yikes.  

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