Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why is the step mother mean?
What is a stepmother?
Where is her dad?
Why is her dress ripped?
Why is she running ffrom the prince?
Why is she embarrassed?
Is THAT guy mean?
Why is that guy telling her to run?
Mom does this part scare you?
Mom, hide under the table.
Mom look at the animal Moms and their babies.
Mom look at the house.

This is 1/3 (no exaggeration) of the questions that the boys just fired at me in a matter of 3 minutes watching Snow White.  I thought a video might give me a few minutes to relax with my coffee and possibly blog.  :)  Ahh, life at home with little ones.  I love it.  Mama also needs quiet though.  I know I'll get it in about 18 years or so and then I'll beg them to stay at home and make some noise. beckysiphone 627beckysiphone 626IMG_5570IMG_5577

Week one is OVER!  They have not complained at all.  I am so glad that it is going well. I thought they'd be more uncomfortable than they are.

They each chose their colors and have plans to choose red tomorrow when they are taken off and replaced.   They are pretty much getting around like they normally would.

Legos have saved the day!  They sit at the table with Jared and play for hours.  My nephew Colin gave them some and then we bought a couple more little sets.  Saturday and Sunday they pretty much played all day.  Yay.

Sunday they played outside for about an hour which was SO necessary.  They haven't been falling asleep until almost 10 because they aren't burning as much energy.  Still though it is going unbelievable well and we were even able to go to church Saturday night and hang out with Tanner and Stephanie at their house yesterday.



Liz said...

Glad it's going well so far.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving a comment Becky! I love your blog banner! And SUPER cute kids! Brave little boys and such an adorable little girl! You are so blessed! Angie xo