Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ordinary Days

Here is a look at the everyday-ness lately with LOTS of pictures.

Room Time.  She makes a mess but play SO well independently right now. I LOVE that.
My flowers and Valentine's Day card.  Sweetest card he's ever written me.  Thanks honey!

Self-feeding.  So messy YET so necessary.

I love these moments with the boys.  It's like one doesn't even realize the other is basically attached to them.

Addie loves trying on shoes.

Another rockstar in the house.

Candyland with Nani.  We celebrated Papa's b-day last night.

So that is a bit of what is up with us.  We got casts today.  It may not be as "run of the mill" as I originally thought.  I SWEAR the PT said that most kids just run around like they normally would BUT today she said to keep them from doing too much because too much walking will rub sores on their feet, ankles, etc.  Huh??  SO they have been playing computer games and watching TV.  Jared went to get them "beyblades" ???  A friends son had them and the boys have been asking about them ever since.  I guess today is their "lucky" day.

1 day down with casts and a LOT more to go.  I am just taking it one week at a time.  They did so well getting them on.  I was a proud Mama.  Jared is off today and helping out.  We will be staying in a lot.  They really aren't steady on them quite yet.  

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Liz said...

Good luck with the casts. It can't be easy keeping boys still.