Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Weekend

We are spending a lot of time at home this weekend trying to get well.  We all have some semblance of a cold.  Addie has had a 5 day dose of steroids and still sounds gross.  SO we cancelled our weekend commitments and we are attempting to rest.

The boys HAD to get outside for a bit because we have been cooped up on and off for about the past 3 weeks with these colds/coughs (and because steroids make Eli CRAZY!).  This is how they entertained themselves while Jared cleaned up the leaves.
Addie has been standing up a bit but ONLY on our bed for whatever reason.  Today was the first time she stood unassisted on the floor.  Apparently, contacting early on and setting up a plan was all that she needed for motivation because she has stood and is cruising furniture despite the fact that I haven't done a single exercise with her yet.  Now onto walking!IMG_4352
She is ALWAYS watching us to make sure we are watching her.  She is so proud when she hears the "Yay, Addie!"

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