Friday, November 18, 2011

Ah, the busyness.

This week we are finally well but that just means there is LOTS of catching up to do.  My closet, for instance, is very "Sanford & Son".  I have managed to keep it very organized the ENTIRE year we have lived here and last week if fell apart COMPLETELY.  I actually told Jared last night that my closet is looking very "Becky" again.  This goes for my front room closet too.

OK now that my messy confessions are over I am mainly posting because my sweet Mother in Law, Carol...HI MOM!...keeps telling me that I need to post again and she is here watching my kids so I can breathe a little.  I cannot disappoint a loyal reader so here is a random post and maybe I'll even find a couple of pictures to throw in for good measure.

I am hosting Thanksgiving for 11 and am making my first turkey.  I figure I am 35 and I have been married for 9 years in March so it is time to suck it up and give it a go. So all of this means I have a busy week ahead.  Add to that a parade this weekend (YAY!) and a free photo book that has to be completed in 2 weeks, and nursery this weekend and OT appointments along with raising the kiddliewinks and you've got one busy Mama and Dad.  Other than that we are footloose and fancy free.  :)

From the outside looking in, or the opposite, actually.  (This was a rainy, windy day and the leaves looked pretty all over our porch so I decided to take a picture RIGHT as the mail woman walked up.  It was kind of funny.)IMG_4376

We have had to get creative in our play due to the fact that we've been a bit homebound with colds.  This is masking tape and the boys LOVED it.  They have hotwheel tracks but this was more interesting I guess.IMG_4416

They are doing well with real legos now.  The only challenge is keeping them off the floor so that Addie doesn't eat them.IMG_4430

Addie had her first oreo last week.  She LOVED it.

Jared and the boys made a really cool fort in the woods (aka Jungle) and of course had to bring home some sticks. I'll have to get the picture of the fort off of Jared's phone.  They also found a dead squirrel and when I asked Eli what he thought happened to it he said "it got attacked by a lion".  :)

Off to work on the photo book while Mom & Dad are here to help.

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