Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a day!

my Wednesday (the very concise version)

*running on 4 hours sleep (not REALLY "running", are you kidding?)
*stayed home and enjoyed not running around
*re-arranged my bedroom since it seems we are NOT moving (bummer)
*made a fall dinner of chili and cornbread
*put together the boys cowboy outfits
*am sitting at home in a QUIET house while Jared is at the Fall Festival @ church (didn't want to expose Addie to all the germiness)

I needed a day like today because my yesterday involved...

*3 stores with all 3 children (boys in double stroller, Addie in Baby Bjorn).
*side note: the boys weigh about 70 lbs combined and the stroller revolted. BIG TIME! I literally could not turn it a couple of times. I was a sweaty mess.
*Alex had a fall on the ground fit @ Walmart. It was intense and I was "that mom". I had to be thankful it was Walmart therefore nobody noticed yet another screaming kid.
*I spent hours making shirts for the Breast Cancer Volleyball Benefit that Jared was playing in at the school and was there for 30 minutes. More on that to come.....
*sadly they were just iron-on shirts but I made them for four and I am not very "crafty". *further adding to my lack of craftiness is the fact that I burnt 4 fingers on the iron. I could commit a crime right now and go free. :)
*No sleep on that night either.

OK now for the details...
Apparently the boys are scared of the school mascot. LIKE REALLY REALLY SCARED! There was shaking, blood curdling screams, death grips on Mommy who was pushing a stroller and CARRYING one 3 year old while the other trailed behind crying with his hands over his ears. We stayed 30 minutes. Jared was on the court and had no idea what was going on until it was too late. We left. I came home turned on the Halloween Cartoons that were on "on demand" (thank goodness). In the words of Kate I was "DONE". I pulled the quilt off of my bed, grabbed Addie and cocooned us on the couch. AND YOU KNOW WHAT the boys were giddy about our night. So the fun part for me was the realization that ......
WE could have just stayed home in the first place.
You get that part, right?
Did I mention I wouldn't trade being a mom for the world? Ok. Just reminding myself that it is worth it on a day when it was debatable. :)


Happy to be @ home, safe and sound, and free from all Wildcats.


Adds was dressed to impress and supporting the cause.

No pics of Jared playing or anything. I thought I may seem insensitive to take pictures while my children were cowering in the corner of the gym. :)


Liz said...

Laughing only because I have been there in one form or another. Sounds like it was a 'fun' time. :) Addison is too cute with her outfit. Great job with the shirts.

許百美 said...

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