Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eli Henry

What to say about Eli. Hmmmm, well he has his moods. Don't we all? He still thinks Mommy and Daddy can heal all wounds with a kiss or by blowing on it. If the child falls on his butt he will request that you kiss it. I am not kidding. If he scrapes his knee you will be blowing on it for two weeks, no exageration. He will also tell every person he comes across that he hs a boo boo and expect them to evoke deep sympathy. He's funny let me tell you. In the picture below he was afraid of a particular part of Beauty and the Beast so of course Daddy protected him. :) He will not pass up a good stick when we are on a walk and he likes to look at the ant's homes. He usually destroys them. Such a boy. He will play with blocks for HOURS. He is extremely territorial with them and Alex better steer clear. He makes up funny words. For instance he hit his chin yesterday and asked me to blow on his "bleet". He calls my homemade mac n' cheese "itchy" and he doesn't like it. When he needs his nose cleaned out he says he has "thorns" in his nose. There are SO many more but that is a snapshot of Eli at three and a half.

eli and daddy


a boy and a stick


I used a 1960's effect on these pictures and I love it. I was born in the 70's but this is how I remember my childhood pictures looking. I love the nostalgia I feel even though these pictures were taken last week. :)

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Liz said...

Love to read these type of posts. He sounds like he is an absolutely adorable little guy!