Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Picnic

Today we headed outside for a little picnic with a few library books. It is beautiful outside and I am realizing lately how much fresh air and sunshine improves my day.

A Picnic is the easiest thing to do and the boys LOVE it.

addie's first picnic

Addison's first picnic. She was completely enthralled. :)


Oh, yeah my son is wearing snow pants and it is 60 some degrees out. We tried them on today to see if we needed new ones for winter and he didn't want to take them off. Pick your battles, pick your battles. I saved my battle for nap time (see pic below). :)


The one down side to picnics is that they have to end.


Alex was less than pleased. Naptime was not welcomed by him today. I, on the other hand, embraced it fully. :)


Liz said...

haha...I actually noticed the snowbibs before reading your comments and had to do a double take. Yep, pick your battles. Kaylie frequently goes out in tutus or princess gear. Are they giving up naps? I fear I am right there too. K pretty much does one-two times a week (maybe) but Ry still does every day but I am noticing bedtime is harder and harder b/c he just isn't tired so might have to cut out. :(

Maegan said...

Becky, Addison and the boys are so adorable. I cannot wait to meet that little princess!!!