Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Really Random Post

Warning: See title before reading on.

Alright you have been officially warned. I have about 1/2 a dozen posts in my head in interest of perserving memories which is the real reason for my blog, however the time it takes to write them is another challenge. That is one thing about starting a blog that no one warns you about. You are going through the day to day and as things happen you start writing your blog post in your head. I actually enjoy that but a small percentage of that "creativity" makes it onto my blog.

In Alex and Eli Soccer News:
*The boys soccer season is in full swing and it is safe to say they HATE it.
*Eli cries as we get ready which makes me feel like a stellar parent.
*He gives us dirty looks from the field.eli's antics
*We have seen them have moments of independence from one another......IMG_1627
Only to find one another again like magnets. :)magnets
*He and Alex literally play do-si-do at one end of the field (typically farthest away from the actual soccer ball).
*We laugh at their antics and pray for the seasons end.
*Alex is the typical leader with his brother although I am not sure where he is leading him because neither of their feet have touched a ball during a game. leadership
*My nephew Colin used to score 8 or so goals per game. Jared did quite well in soccer. Apparently this does NOT "run in the family".
*They DO enjoy snack at the end of the game.
In Jared and Becky News:
*Our house hasn't sold and yet we have to keep it clean enough "in case" someone actually wants to buys it.
*This is great fun with twin boys and with girl clothes entering the house at a rapid pace!
*We are escaping for a night away. Our first one since our sweet boys came into our lives.
*I haven't let myself think about leaving them overnight yet. Gulp!
*As usual in the midst of chaos, lots of good things are happening also.
*I had a great Mother's day.
*Jared is still putting up with me and the pregnancy hormones. :)
*He has less than 3 wks left of school. Thank you LORD!
In Addison Lily News:
*She is not making the pregnancy easy for her parents. (A total Diva!)
*She is going to have her own post regarding all of the medical woes although as not to sound dramatic "so far so good".
*She is going to have a much better wardrobe than her Mother thanks to all of my sisters and friends.
*We are already in LOVE with this girl (even her brothers have come around)!
*We are 22 weeks along! Woo hoo! Each week is a milestone.
Here's to a day of randomness!


KJ said...

Congratulations on 22 weeks! It goes by SO fast! And the boys remind me of my brother...he used to takes his GI Joe's to T-ball and purposely play in the outfield so he could play with his toys!

Stephanie said...

Loved it. I miss you girl. Hope you enjoy your little getaway. Try to relax and enjoy it. The boys will be fine. We continue to pray for Addison. Can't wait to meet her. Have a wonderful day my sweet friend. :)

Liz said...

Thanks for the update! True to our parallel worlds, I am considering leaving them for an overnight at the grandparent's as well. I haven't ever been away from them but something about it seems okay now and well frankly we could use it! :) How's the potty training going? 22 weeks already?! wow--keep on cooking Addision!!

Mom of twins! said...

Loved this blog! Your boys are so precious!!