Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Home!

I am happy to say that the team of doctors at the hospital decided that I could come home. I am not as happy to say that I am on complete strict bed rest although they are letting me get up to use the restroom. Thank goodness! I have NO idea how this is going to work but Jared and I have a lot of planning to do. He is going to be a very busy man but I know he is up to the challenge!

For now I am happy to be home where I can here the voices of my sweet little boys and be near Jared. I already read to Eli and snuggled with them both while they watched cartoons. Nani and Papa are here right now so that Jared can run to the pharmacy and get other errands done. This is going to be an adventure but one that I will gladly embark on so that I can have a healthy baby girl.


Andrew said...

We prayed for you in staff meeting this morning! God's got EVERYTHING under control!


Mom of twins! said...

Hey Becky, I am going to put you on our prayer list. the boys and I say our prayers before our meals, especially for the people we know that have difficulty with pregnancy and new babies. You are on it! I didnt realize what happened until today and I am so sorry. I was on bed rest for my pregnancy with the twins so if you have any questions let me know (although totally different as you have twins also- I cant even imagine ) but we are here praying for you each day!!!!