Sunday, December 27, 2009

Special Delivery

I have no idea how to condense the holidays into a single post so rather than force myself into being the minimalist that I wish I were but, probably never will be,I decided multiple posts would be the way to go. On Christmas Eve we made our deliveries of cookies to neighbors and the NICU. Jared and the boys handled the neighbor part of it because, well, I wanted to stay in my robe and finish all of my cooking/baking for that evening. I did however manage to poke the camera out the front door and get a picture of my delivery guys. It was really precious to watch them pass out the cookies. It warms a mother's heart that is for sure. I commended them when they got back that it was very nice of them to share their cookies with others and gave them big hugs and kisses to which Alex responded "where's my cookie?" He was rewarded with a cookie, little stinker.


Then I got dressed and we went to the NICU. I read about a family that delivers cookies every Christmas Eve to those who have to work (ie policemen, fireman, hospital employees, etc. etc.). For me it was the NICU staff. We loved our NICU and we usually visit them at least yearly. I have to say that this visit was my absolute favorite and I am so glad that we went. We spent a long time talking to the nurses who were on their lunch and they were so excited to see how well the boys were doing. The boys even showed off and pointed out the triangles and squares in the floor tiles. They also carried on full conversations and didn't' play the shy game. It was amazing. Jared said they must have a special bond. :) One of the nurses actually said that it was very rewarding to see them. On a side note: I encourage anyone NICU parents to re-visit their child's first home. Even if you don't think that they will remember you it may just bless them on a day when they need it. It is a difficult job and they deserve to see those sweet smiles that you enjoy daily. Anyways, one of the most rewarding parts was when we ran into a couple who had a 26 wk old daughter who was born yesterday. They were curious about the boys and the fact that they were NICU graduates of course. We were able to encourage them a bit and felt like God had crossed our paths in order to give them a little strength.

While I am speaking of giving we have been BEYOND blessed by so many individuals this year. I truly cannot express the love that we receive from those around us who not only seek to meet physical needs but spiritual and emotional as well. We are ridiculously spoiled by those who love us and are so grateful for that. It inspires us to do for others like they have for us. It is a beautiful thing!


Liz said...

what a great idea to visit the NICU. We have yet to go back aside from the developmental check ups.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

A friend of mine makes blankets every year for the NICU her grandsons were born into 10 years ago.

tbonegrl said...

I went back once to the NICU and found it to be very upsetting, probably because of my PTSD. You've inspired me to give it another try. The story of crossing paths with the other couple was definitely God working through you!