Saturday, December 12, 2009

Simply Saturday

I haven't done a "simply Saturday" post in a while and I thought it would do me good today. I am thankful to have Jared, Alex and Eli all home safe and sound and in their rooms. Jared's surgery went quite well and he is recovering nicely. The boys are out of sorts because it has been a crazy week and they miss having their Daddy throw them around the house. But right now I have a quiet house which I thoroughly enjoy and although I have to clean it after a very chaotic morning I am thankful for our home. It is a simple thing but not one to be taken lightly especially since it has been freezing out lately.

What simple things are you thankful for this Saturday? Leave a comment and let me know, it will do you good, I promise!


Sari said...

The little kisses I get from my boys that don't quite know how to pucker yet. I'm glad your hubby is well!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Great one SARI! :)

monica said...

Good to hear the hubby has recovered well! I like quite houses on a Saturday!