Monday, December 21, 2009


So yesterday morning we woke up and realized someone had slashed two of our tires. In the spirit of giving they also did this to all of the other cars parked on our street. Generous, I know. You gotta love the Detroit area. I am sure it was kids out late that were bored. When I was talking to my sister we kind of laughed and said "what ever happened to playing video games when your bored? I mean come on just sit around and become obese like the rest of the nation." Anyways, it is definitely an inconvenience and we definitely aren't jumping for joy (i.e. we've had a few choice words for the parents we imagine let their kids out late to roam the streets) but it didn't put us into a funk either like it might have in the past. Both Jared and I found ourselves thanking God that we had the money to get new tires. I am sure there are some in this economy who could not. We are far from rolling in the dough but God faithfully provides for our needs, a lot of our wants AND mis-haps like this one.

I am actually thankful to live in this area during this economic mess. I find myself appreciating the little things. Jared and I find ourselves thanking God for the food on our table, a house with heat, cars to drive, etc., etc., etc., I just think it is a lesson that will never be forgotten when you see those that you are close to you laid off or struggling to live in this economic crisis or drive 20 minutes downtown and see homeless in this freezing weather. I know we all have are opinions about WHY they are homeless and we may be right but can you imagine being that hopeless? I cannot. Regardless, it whips you back to reality when you are bummed about what you "don't have". So that is what is on my mind this morning. I started writing this thinking I would get my thoughts down on "paper" but not post it. I changed my mind though and plan to hit "publish post". I'm livin' on the edge today, what can I say? :D


and of course it goes without saying that I am thankfu for this sunglasses obsessed boy AND


even Gramps here with his blanket over his shoulders.

I'd love to hear about the basic things that you are thankful for that you sometimes take for granted. Please share!


Nikki said...

Wow that is pretty horrible that someone would slash all the tires on a whole street right before Christmas. It really is sad when kids do something like that, its like they don't think about how it is the holidays and people are saving and scrounging for money to buy christmas gifts, not new tires. I'm sorry that happened to you but I think you have taken the healthier route and are not looking at what you lost but what you are grateful for! I am most grateful for my and my families health and happiness, also for such a wonderful husband and our puppy, and to have a home and to have jobs during these difficult times. Sending you warm Christmas wishes this holiday season!

Liz said...

I'm so sorry you had that happen to you. You have put a positive spin on it, which is why I love your blog. I am thankful for my home, loving husband and kids at this time. Cute pics BTW. Gramps cracked me up.

Leen said...

That stinks about your tires but I love your attitude about it! It could be worse, couldn't it!?

Love the pics too, I also have a glasses obsessed boy! His daddy is always asking "where are my sunglasses?" lol, I hope santa brings him some!

Today I am thankful to have my guys home from school and to be able to build a Kinex building with them!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I cannot believe someone slashed your tires!

I'm thankful my kids still want to hang out with me...I'm sure it's a matter of time since i will have a teen in 2 years! said...

What a beautiful blog! And what a beautiful reminder to be thankful no matter what! When the Lord told us to be thankful in all circumstances, He surely knew that our thankfulness would be a blessing to US! Thanks for posting.