Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Little Moments

So much joy is found in these little moments. On this particular day we were just playing with the boys in their room when Alex had had enough wrestling and wanted a moment to snuggle with Daddy. :) As is typically the case with kids Eli was bored with all the toys and found great pleasure in playing in the diaper box. There is no doubt that these boys love their Dad. Yesterday when Jared was leaving for work Eli cried and said "I wanna go". As usual Jared and I looked at each other with puzzled faces. I think we both thought it was possible that he'd said this but we weren't sure. It was at this point that he repeated "I wanna go". Unbelievable. I may just have to send them along on "Bring Your Child to Work Day". Can you imagine???


Stephanie said...

Nothing is sweeter than a Daddy playin with his kids! These special moments are priceless. Enjoy every one! Steph

rachael said...

too sweet...i adore the little moments. that is where you find life :)

Harris Boys said...

hehe I can imagine :) that's sweet he said he wanted to go!