Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daddy's Back To Work

I am glad to say that Jared was able to go back to work today. I am glad in the sense that he is well enough but I have to say I loved having him around more this past week. I know a lot of the time he was knocked out but there were also times like these in the picture when he just got to snuggle his boys and enjoy the calm. This past week was also a huge reminder that Jared does A LOT around here. I am always quick to say how helpful he is and I do appreciate it but this week I have developed a much deeper appreciation for my husband. Thanks, honey! I look forward to having his help again in the next 4-6 weeks (please, let it be 4) but in the mean time he is a support to both me and the boys in a million other ways and for that we are grateful.

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rachael said...

i know exactly what you mean...we miss daddy when he heads back to work after a day off or the weekend too. a whole week or longer with him around (even if he were out of it!) would be wonderful! the return to work must mean he is healing and the recovery is going well!