Thursday, November 6, 2008

Goodbye Fall..boy will we miss you!

In this picture Alex kept sitting on Eli and Eli would knock him down while they both laughed hysterically. They were definitely interacting like brothers.

It is so hard to believe that these pictures were taken last weekend. Michigan is so beautiful in the fall and we enjoyed another nice day at the Village. I remember I said to Jared that we had better go because it might be one of the last nice weekends before the cold hits. Michigan is unpredictable and I will not try but I think I may have been right. This weekend was MUCH colder and today the high is 39 degrees. I am not complaining because I am glad that the nice weather held out as long as it did.

I took the boys to Macy's Days which have now moved inside for the season and as we walked into the Museum Eli cried and when we exited he cried until he was warm and snugly in the car. I don't think he likes the cold on the little bit of his face that was exposed. The rest of him was covered with his gloves, jacket and hat but it still wasn't enjoyable for him. I hate to break it to him that: 1. we will probably always live in this cold climate and 2. He ain't seen nothin' yet (just wait until the cold takes your breath away and makes your insides hurt). Who knows, maybe he will grow to love winter sports someday and will make the best of the snow. Needless to say, today's outing made me realize that I was spoiled last year when I put them in their car seats and just had to zip up their bundle mes. It definitely adds a bit of time to your outing when you have to bundle them to get to the car and then have to unbundle them when you get in to wherever you are going and then of course you repeat when you want to go home. I still found today's outing to be worth it, however. I had a great time and ran into friends there so that made it even more enjoyable. It is always a blessing to have some interaction with moms who understand broken conversation and sometimes cranky children.

So, goodbye to Fall. You were fun and we enjoyed you thoroughly. My only desire is that you would take your leaves with you when you go so that there is not a mountain left in my backyard calling out to me and Jared.


Harris Boys said...

fall is on its way out here too...bye-bye to playing outside :(

great pics with all the leaves!

rachael said...

it has gotten so cold here and i miss those nice 70 degree fall days! it was 39 today :( can't we at least have a little transition!?!? boo! love the pictures - they are so sweet!

Liz said...

I hear you about the colder weather. We're still in the 50's but it is going down fast. Hibernation time. :( We'll all have to lend each other support to get through the winter.

Mashel said...

Hi I just found your blog from Debi's (who says 8 is enough) I have twins that just turned one and we had a "two peas in a pod" party so I was intrigued by your blog title. You have such cute boys!