Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wow, time REALLY does fly by!

I remember my parents trying to tell me this as a child but of course the concept was lost on me. I remember thinking summer vacation was NEVER ending. I could not wait for fall so that I could see my friends and find out who my teacher would be. Now, however I have my own sweet boys and they are 10 months old. They once weighed 2 lbs and now Eli weighs 22. This picture I took of Eli trying to eat Daddy's boot (the boys now enjoy shoes as a delicacy along with remotes, cell phones, ect.) reminded me of the one I took of Alex when he first came home. Again, time flies! Although as I say this WHEN is spring going to arrive in Michigan? :) Oh the irony!


Harris Boys said...

what a difference huh...from 2 lbs to enjoy them, they really do grow up fast, right before your eyes!

Mommy Brain said...

They are so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The good news is that I actually have fewer Mommy Brain moments these days. I love having two year old twins! (Who, by the way, weigh exactly 1 pound more than Eli...girls are such shrimps!)