Thursday, February 21, 2008

Preemie "Issues"

A few days after being home Eli and I trekked back to the ER and were transferred to Children's Hospital (downtown) due to noisy breathing. He was placed back on oxygen and remained on it for a total of 5 months (including NICU time). He has been off since September. Two weeks ago my sister and I took the boys for their Synagis shots and the pulmonologist said that Eli's lungs could not have sounded more perfect. God is SO good. So many other issues with Alex and Eli's health have been resolved (PDA, BPD, Inguinal Hernia, ROP) and they are not even a year old. Developmentally they are doing really well and are not at all behind for their corrected age (7 months). We heard so many grim outlooks when they were born it is such a tremendous blessing to know that for the most part we have healthy boys.

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