Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just some things....

Addie's been out of diapers since before Summer but I just found these in the top of her closet and passed them onto my sister which means there is not a. single. diaper. in. my. house.  WHAAAT?  Crazy.  First time in almost 7 years.  And once Jared and I found out we were pregnant with twins we started buying diapers at most grocery trips SO it may be more like 8 years.  (In hindsight I wish I had a picture of the stockpile of diapers we had.  We were prepared, to say the least.)

I let Addison pick the toothpaste recently and Eli was none too pleased.  I explained that Addie has NEVER picked and she always uses their kind, yada, yada.  To which he replied:  "OK as long as it is not pink and sparkly".  "Eli, just because it is Addie's pick, that DOES NOT MEAN it will be pink and sparkly"  says wise Mom.  Except that when we went to use it, it was in fact, pink and (of course) sparkly.  I laughed so hard at his sheer terror.  :)  Good times.

Here she is re-enacting their favorite scene from "Night at the Museum" (second one),  "Boom, Bang, Firepower!"  The thinker is flexing his muscles.  She cracks me up.

She absolutely loves to be chased.  She cackles.

I was getting a picture of Addie's Cubbie uniform and Eli wanted to a picture with his new library book.  Eli is such a reader.  He reads everything he can get his hands on.  He wanted binoculars for Christmas so he can bird watch and I just reserved a book for him at the library about Michigan Birds.  He is going to be so excited.

And that's a little of what is going on here.

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