Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter, Winter, Winter

Weather has been at the height of all conversation in "these here parts". We are freezing! It has been crazy cold and the boys got another day off on Friday due to the extreme cold. Next week is supposed to be the same so I am not sure what will happen with school on those days.

The upside of being a stay at home mom is that I am not out in it a ton. I do the dropping kids off, picking them up, grocery shopping, errand thing and outside of that I am in my warm home. I'll be honest I feel a little spoiled. I'm still ready for spring though, don't get me wrong. The positives that are coming out of this are that I am home a ton which is translating to some Spring cleaning (really early and in below zero temps)and cleaning out. I have also had more time to make some new meals and bake some yummy/healthy treats for the fam. And I have been working out regularly on the treadmill because, I have time. This all makes me realize that even when the weather warms up, home is a good place to be.

The downside is that this weather means Jared is working a lot and I am home on a Saturday without him. Bummer. The kids are missing him a little but again it is only for a season and then it is back to the flexible schedule that we enjoy. We are also battling colds and hoping we don't get the dreaded stomach bugs that fly around at this time of the year. So far, so good.

Meanwhile the boys are playing video games more than usual, given the fact that they are unable to go outside OR to school and Addie seems to be intent on undoing any and every bit of cleaning I have been doing. She is at that 3 year old, "I like to dump things!", stage!

Alright, I am off to tackle the basement messes while watching a movie with the boys. Oh yeah and Addie wants to play a game. Ahh, the slow pace of Winter (insert: eye roll).

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