Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Days

Addie and I our back to enjoying our alone time. In truth I am not sure what is easier, dealing with Addie when she has full run of the home or having all 3 kids home. I love having all my kids home but I really try to savor my Addie time. Now that the boys are in first grade and on their way to becoming 7, (physical pain from that last statement)I know how fast this time goes. I should add that, even with that knowledge it doesn't make it easy to focus on her. The rest of life pulls at me regularly, as it should. I find that balance is needed between our entire universe revolving around our kids and giving them the attention they need. Moving on. Deep thoughts with Becky (Jack Handy reference in case you missed that).

Anyways, it is downright balmy in Michigan. We are no longer suffering from wind chills well below (-30, WHAT?) zero. I was recess Mom today and as we stepped outside on our way to the gym one of the kids said "Man, it is warm out here!!" I had to laugh. It was 35 degrees out. I was amused by his enthusiasm but just yesterday my sister Missy and I went for a walk outside and dodged snow, puddles and large icy surfaces just to get out into the warmth of 45. What can I say? we are Michiganders through and through.

So here are some of my Addie pics from the week. The girl knows how to completely destroy a room in mere minutes. And she had a lot of fun with Eli's glasses.

She is napping right now, which is a blessing because she woke up at 6:00 a.m. The boys are almost ready to be picked up from school and on go these days that are flying by way to quickly.

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