Saturday, October 20, 2012

Student of the Week

Alex was student of the week a few weeks ago.  He was really excited.  He is doing really well in school.  He is still working with his occupational therapist weekly to improve his fine motor skills but he works so diligently according to his teacher.  He is a bit shy at school.  A little reserved.  BUT he LOVES it.  I surprised the boys a weeks or so again and kept them out of school on a Monday to take them to Greenfield Village and they had opposite reactions (big surprise).  Eli=Thrilled.  Alex=devastated.  He was supposed to be line leader that week.  Oops.  We talked him into going and he had a blast but it was definitely one of those parenting moments of "great, what in the world do we do now?"  You just never know what you'll get with kids.  :)
Some of his responses to the Student of the Week prompts we were given were:

Fav Animal:  Cheetah
Favorite Book:  Big Heroes (a superhero book, of course)
Fav Food: PB & Jelly
What I like most about school:  Playing with my cousins (the Elementary has recess together so he gets to play with Alli, Bella and Olivia), and playing Beyblades (he is OBSESSED).
A person I admire:  Mom and Dad (so sweet)
What I do well:  Cartwheels, walking backwards and running fast, super speed.
My Wish:  Christmas to come.

Eli anxiously waits his turn to be Student of the Week and was appeased with being picked for line leader the week following Alex's claim to fame.  :)  We love where they are able to go to school.  Love the teachers and staff.  We are unbelievably blessed and I hope that they will realize that their school is a huge blessing as they get older.

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