Friday, October 19, 2012

Insta-Friday Mid-October Edition

I am linking up my phone pics today with Jeannett

life rearranged
beckysiphone 732
The extent of our halloween decor.  Although I did throw some foam pumpkins/leaves on the front window.
beckysiphone 741
Soccer ended!  This week is our last session of OT also so I am hoping our busy Fall season is winding down. Yay!
We had a fun visit with Amanda and Aunt Mimi too this week.
beckysiphone 752
The BEST trip to the Apple Or-church (as the boys still call it) EVER!
beckysiphone 755
Jared took off of work and it was such a gorgeous day.
beckysiphone 778
Lots of cousins were there and all 3 of my sisters.  Always a good time.
beckysiphone 800
Babysat for my sister this week and it was so warm on Wednesday we HAD to get outside.
We Michiganders have to soak up all the sun we can because November is approaching.

And there you have it our week in a nutshell provided to you by instagram!  :)  BTW I am roddfam5 on instagram.

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