Monday, June 11, 2012

Eli Henry

Eli LOVES his long hair.  Mama loves how soft it is and think he looks handsome in it, however, I feel guilty when it is 90 degrees out and my son has long hair.  He doesn't want to wear it back in any way whatsoever becasue "that's how girls do it" which means it is not real practical for the Summer.  Enter:  Mama's Mission.  First to convince Daddy.  He is NO easy sell.  He ADORES his baby boy's hair.  Second to convince Eli.

I "innocently" started browsing pinterest for boy haircuts.  I started with shag styles that were just a bit shorter than Eli's hair.  Eli wanted NOTHING to do with it.  I then stumbled upon this picture and Eli's eyes lit up.  He was SO excited to get his hair cut.
Eli says he'd get his haircut if he could do it like this!
Once Jared saw how excited Eli was he relented.  As we were leaving Jared second guessed the decision.  I drug Eli out the door though and headed to the hair salon.
Off we go.
We love it!  I asked him to come outside so I could get some pictures and he turned into a male model and posed.  He even layed down on the ground as shown below without any prompting.  He is a character this one.
Love this kid.  Mom's Happy.  Eli's Happy. Alex liked it before.  Daddy is in mourning.  :)
The End

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LauraC said...

He looks so different but I love it!!