Monday, June 11, 2012

This past week....

Soccer ENDED! It was an interesting season. The boys missed the cut off to be in the 3-4 league by one week. This meant that they were the babies of the next division. They were playing with some 7 year olds. We cheered like maniacs if their foot touched the ball. I do not kid. Sometimes it was by pure accident and they were just in the way of the ball and it bounced off their shin guards and we made them think they had just scored a goal. :) They enjoyed it though and we enjoyed watching them. IMG_6225IMG_6386IMG_6229IMG_6392
Eli was not pleased with how long it was taking for him to get his trophy in the pic above.  The poor coach was VERY patient with our little guys this year. IMG_6394
That smile was worth the wait.  Yay, Alex and Eli!
We also went and got pictures with Amanda before her senior prom.  She looked beautiful.IMG_6554
He used to throw her around a lot when she was young.  I guess Uncle Jared was taking advantage of one more time.  :)

Now we are just looking forward to getting away this Summer.  Jared is done with school and Soccer's over.

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