Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Addie's Progress


Addie had her 1 yr. check-up. She is doing well. She is on the chart for height not corrected. 25th percentile, no less. She is not on the chart for weight. She still only weighs 16 lbs. 14 oz. May the girl stay tall and skinny. Wouldn't THAT be awesome for her. Little Stinker.

The doctor would like to see her crawling, pulling up on furniture and doing a bit more than babbling. She also was gagging when I put anything that had texture into her mouth. She was refferred to early on for an assessment with a OT and PT.


Jared and I are not new to these types of referrals. We took it in stride. We are preemie veterans with this one. :) A week later, which was yesterday, Addie decided to start crawling. She is also eating stage 3 foods, puffs and baby biscuits. This has LITERALLY all happened in the last week.

We will still meet with the OT and PT. I think professionals will obviously offer us a wealth of information and I am eager to learn ways in which I can help Addie get on track.

As far as starting to say words we are having a sedated ABR tomorrow and we will FINALLY, after an entire year, know FOR SURE whether or not she has permanent hearing loss that will require a hearing aid. I am so ready for some answers AND I want to make sure she hears our words well so she can get talking.


These are pictures of Addie that I took the day before her party. I had no hope of getting any good ones on the day of. The boys were my little assistants and blew bubbles to entertain Little Miss.

We had such a nice 1st Birthday party for her, surrounded by family. It went really well and it was our first BIG party at the new house. I had fun putting up a few decorations and making my little girl a tutu. SO FUN!


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. Soon the words will start pouring out and she'll be crawling all over the house!

LauraC said...

LOVE the photos! They are great!!

I had an ABR (among many many tests) when they were trying to figure out my hearing problem. I am happy to say having a hearing aid is AWESOME!

Aleta said...

LOVE the first and last pictures - she's beautiful!