Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

I like Valentine's Day. I dont' do 55 heart crafts and decorate my house but I like the chance to tell my boys and now girl why and how much I love them. Our family (Me, Jared, Alex, Eli and Adds)say's "I love you" a lot. We don't hold it in until specific designated days and for that I am grateful but why not enjoy another day to pour out some love, right?

Our lives have been crazy and I have yet to write about that. Addie is well following her surgery to have tubes put in and have her hearing tested. She had some complications regarding her breathing following the surgery. We spent a couple of days at the hospital but all is well. For that I am grateful. She still, after her tubes were put in, has mild to moderate hearing loss in one ear. I like to focus on the fact that she has complete hearing in one ear and some in another. We'll face the rest as needed.

It's been a long week month year. BUT (and this is the important part)God really has taken care of us. He does not leave us. He does not forsake us. He has taught us what love looks like. Perfect love and that is another nice thing to remember this Valentine's Day.

Jared and I are actually going to go on a date tonight. It's been WAY TOO LONG since we have done that I am really looking forward to it. He just happens to have to the day off of school today too. yay.

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Liz said...

I had no idea Addison needed surgery for tubes and about the hearing loss. Like you said, she can still hear and I'm sure she will adjust to it and be just fine. I'm sorry about the breathing issue after surgery. I'm sure it was a stressful time.