Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phone Pics

Addie is over 7 months old. I cannot believe how fast the time is going. I haven't gotten a chair pic this month because as we know I am cameraless and I forget to snag Jared's phone to get pics as often as I'd like. Here are a few I've captured of her domain. She LOVES her mobile and her glow sea horse. She is always entertaining herself in her little mirror also.

She is getting over the crankies that she experienced after surgery which is good. We are currently trying to get her to eat some cereal and fruit or veggies but she is not having it. We will continue to work on it. Preemies can be a bit fussy in this department. She' remains a smiley little girl who LOVES attention from whoever will throw some her way and we remain in love, of course.





Stephanie said...

Such a sweet heart! She is growing so fast. So glad to hear that she is feeling better. Btw - what happen to your camera?

Emily said...

She is so sweet! What a dolly!!