Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Soccer has officially begun. We had a little trouble at the beginning when our coach backed out. We missed a couple of practices due to this and the mama bear in me was feeling a bit nervous about my son's lack of ability compared to kids who had had 2 extra practices. Yikes, it sounds even more ridiculous as I type it out. Needless to say after a round of e-mails the boys are on a different team with a coach (always a plus) and last nights practice went quite well.

Jared and I expected VERY little. We aren't the parents who put a basketball in our son's hands at birth or any other type of ball as the case may be. When the coach first lined them up to kick the ball to the other end of the field Jared and I smirked at one another like "good luck with that one, lady". MUCH to our surprise both boys accomplished this task. Then they did a passing drill that went o.k. also, other than the breaks that Eli needed to use the orange cones as a horn. Jared and I were the parents who were on the sidelines coaching the boys and trying to help them focus but overall it was a surprising success and we have some cute pictures to show for it. I don't expect that this will make them the next David Beckam but they are learning to follow instructions from an adult other than Mom and Dad and gaining some coordination to boot. Not to mention the adorable outfits. It think it is a win-win.


...a little unsure at the beginning of practice

1st practice

Eli wanted to kick it into the goal from the moment we arrived and this was his BIG moment! (Notice the smile!)


After his long, hard, practice Eli was ready to head home for dinner.

1st soccer practice

Alex's turn to score a goal!


Heading home but not until Alex shares his new camera smile with us. This is actually the adorable version. I plan to dedicate a post to the more scary ones. :)


Liz said...

Oh my goodness...they look adorable in their soccer gear.

Andrew said...

I'm LOVIN' the pictures!! I cannot believe how big they have gotten! (the kids that is...ha ha)

I tried calling Jared a few days ago, only to find out that he got rid of the phone number I had for him. Oh well! Looks like you all are doing VERY well! Miss you guys!

Andy Cook

Stephanie said...

They couldn't be any cuter! Tanner is loving it. He loves the chance to be out there playin' with the "big" kids. Looking forward to a fun season!