Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Latest

It's been a quiet morning here. The boys are both still sleeping. This is a definitely an upside to dark rainy mornings. Eli did crawl into bed with us this morning because he was scared of the "light" (lightning). This didn't last long because it is such a novelty that when either of the boys come into bed with Jared and I they just want to talk and hang out. They have NO plans of actually sleeping. I took him back to bed and he has slept soundly since the storm passed.

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather here. Yesterday was close to 80 degrees which is unseasonably warm for us. Today we are working our way back towards average temperatures. No complaints here as long as we don't see snow. I shouldn't even mention that because we do indeed see snow in April from time to time.

As I mentioned in a previous post a lot is changing here. Jared and I put our house up for sale last week. We are excited and looking forward to seeing what God has planned. I continue to press on during this pregnancy. My blood pressure is toying with me and the doctors. At this point they are not concerned because it is still in the normal range though. I am starting to swell but apparently this is somewhat normal in a pregnancy but I am starting it a bit early because I have to keep things interesting. I just LOVE hearing the word normal and pregnancy in the same sentence. It makes me giddy. I continue to stress a bit about this process. I give my worries to God only to take the burden back. I am learning A LOT about my self this time around and that is always an eye opening experience.

The countdown has begun for teachers and students as this school year draws to a close for Jared. This beautiful weather makes the wait a bit harder I think. It has looked and felt like summer but it is not quite here which means buckling down and finishing the year out. :)

We had a beautiful Easter and the services were equally encouraging. As a Christian Easter is my favorite holiday. I love focusing on what God has done for us. This time of year also means time with friends and family and we did our share of eating and Easter Egg hunting that is for sure.

Well that is what is going on here. As always here are pictures. Aunt Linda bought the boys these adorable Easter outfits. Eli had a bit of a pout about wearing the tie but he soon forgot and rocked the outfit anyway! :)





LauraC said...

I think I missed something? You put your house on the market! Wow!

Those Easter outfits are the most adorable ever!

Liz said...

First, I'm glad you posted again. Second,I love their Easter outfits and your baby girl's name! Adorable! Good luck with selling your house! I hope your swelling stays at bay. HAPPY SPRING! I'm so glad to get outside all the time!

Stargirl said...

Your boys outfits are sooo sweet, they look adorable. Maybe when the new one comes along you will have three matching outfits!! how lovely that will be.

It sounds like your having an eventful third pregnancy. Both my mother and cousin had very eventful third pregnancies, so maybe its a trend!

good luck with everything

shelley said...

hi becky,
i haven't popped over in a while to say "hi" and see how things in your part of blogasphere are going so "what's up?" congrats on the pregnancy! good luck your little guys seem to be doing well and they are adorable! let me know how everything with the pregancy goes! if you need a shoulder of been there done that 2 preemie pregnanies holla!

John Deere Mom said...

Glad things are going well for your family. I LOVE the boys in their Easter suits. So precious!

Between You and Me said...

congrats on your pregnancy! How far along are you??

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Thank you! I am 19 weeks! :)