Monday, January 11, 2010

Semi-Resolution Post

Last year I did a resolution post. I managed to accomplish some and some of my goals remain undone and still need to be pressed towards. One of the things I am participating in this year is the "500 in 2010". It is a challenge by a fellow blogger to walk/run/bike 500 miles in 2010. It averages out to appx 10 miles /week. I though this would be just the motivation that I need to stick to an exercise routine. If anyone is interested I think you can still join in. We are only one week into it. I did 15 miles my first week and am pretty excited about it although many of the runners will kick my butt. I am trying to keep the ultimate goal in mind. Here is the link.
As far as other resolutions our Pastor kicked off a series last week called "Live Like You Were Dying" by Gary Smalley and it has already been a challenge. One of the premises is to love God with EVERYTHING and love other as yourself. Just those two things could take a lifetime. There is a ton more to it but I already see it changing mine and Jared's walk a bit and that is exciting. It is giving me new "goals" each week and some are quite challenging.

I have yet to sit down and write out some things I would like to accomplish this year that are just small doable things like read certain books, upload a ridiculous amount of pictures and have them developed (gee, that one sounds familiar), spend more time with friends, sew a few things (maybe even a quilt *yikes), date my husband more, etc. etc., etc., I really do love a new year but what I love even more is that God gives me a new day every morning. Trust me I need that! :)


monica said...

Those are some great goals for excersing, I wish I had that type of motivation in me! Good luck on that! The other little more doable things you can do!!

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