Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Update


We had a great long weekend that is coming to an end. Jared officially goes back to work tomorrow which means grading papers tonight. I thought I would hop on the computer and blog about our Thanksgiving and our weekend.

We spent Thanksgiving with my sister Molly and Jack, his parents and his sister's family. We had a great time and the food was AMAZING! Nobody makes apple or chocolate pie like Jack's Mama! Molly and Jack hosted their first holiday and rocked it.

Friday we took the boys to get their hair cut at the same place where Jared had his first hair cut. The boys were slightly traumatized because Grandma Dolores usually cuts it at home and it doesn't usually involve a cape but they warmed up after some time. :) We also worked on the house which is always enjoyable. Other than that all was pretty mellow unless you count the fact that Jared has to have surgery in a couple of weeks.

Did I forget to mention that? Monday morning he had to go to the ER b/c he was in a LOT of pain. He has a hernia in his abdomen that has to be repaired. This time last year it was ankle surgery. November seems to dislike us a bit. :) Anyways we are prepping our lives for that. Thankfully Jared's sister is going to keep the boys so that I can go with him. That's what is up here.


I fear he will be talking about this in therapy some day :)

the glare

I absolutely LOVE his glare in this picture.

dave's barber shop

Eli's hair was cut by the same barber who cut Jared's hair as a child.


random cute picture of Eli

grading papers with daddy

Grading papers with Daddy


Becky said...

That picture at the end has got to be the cutest! Working with daddy!


Margaret said...

Such cute kids you have to loved them when it comes to hair cuts!

Anonymous said...

Popping over from SITS...welcome back!

I love the glare. You're better than I am. My boys still suffer from Mommy haircuts. Its not so great....

Have a great day!