Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We ended up going to my sister's Halloween Party and had a great time. Alex wasn't freaked out although he refused to get dressed up. Thankfully my friend Steph brought extra costumes in case the boys changed their minds because Eli decided to dress up.

So here is our Halloween in a nutshell:

Eli wore this~


Alex wore this and wasn't scared of the mask behing him, shocking!


Kayla girl looked like this~


I brought these (seen here)~


and this is the gang~

the crew

There were a few funny moments that I want to remember. First of all Alex refusing an entire bin of costumes was pretty comical. It went like this: "This one?" (hold up costume) to which Alex responds "No, I NOT!" Repeat this over and over and you get the picture. He was emphatic in his response and VERY consistent.

Eli had a few moments. First of all I was trying to follow him up to a house and wait for Alex to get out of the wagon at the same time and Eli got ahead. I heard the lady giving out candy say "oh no, honey, you CAN'T come in". Yeah, he tried to squeeze past her as she was giving out candy. Another man was eating his dinner and had a slice of pizza in one hand and a bag of candy in another. Eli went for the pizza! Pretty Funny! And last but not least he tried to trade his candy that he already had in his hand with the next person giving out candy. Hey, at least he was sharing, kind of.


Mariah said...

This group picture makes me sad:) But I totally recognize Olivia's outfit. my girls wore those things constantly!

Mariah said...

Oh yeah! LOVE the pumpkin decorations!!! Nice job lady!

Margaret said...

They were so cute. You have to love how inoccent they are. If i were them I wouldn't wanna dress up either lol

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!!!!!

Alicia said...

awww hahahaaa! i love that he went for the pizza, that's awesome!! and they look adorable!! so glad you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Halloween! I love the pictures!!

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Well, at least one decided to dress up, huh? And good for Alex for no being scared of that mask. Looks like they had a great time.

Liz said...

Glad one of them decided to dress up at least. They still looked adorable.
Ryan did the same thing--walked right into the house like he was there to stay. LOL. Made me laugh.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Good morning! Your children are beautiful!!!! It's amazing how more children aren't actually scared of Halloween and all the spookiness around them!

Thanks SO much for sharing in my SITS day last week!!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Cute fun costumes. Our memories include whining that the candy bag is too heavy to carry:) What a thing to whine about...huh??

Stephanie said...

Great pics!! The boys did great. They outlasted Emma. We always have such a fun time with everyone. I love that he went for the pizza. You go boy!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

What are those cute pumpkins on the sticks? I love them!

That's so cute about the pizza, I'll bet that guy was laughing!

Michelle said...

The look on your daughters face was priceless.