Monday, February 25, 2013

Addie at 2 1/2 - ish

Funny Girl!
Still loves her books.  Here she is with her cousin Andrew.
LOVES to play outside.  She always has.
Likes to pick her clothes.  Her current obsession is tights.  Like every. single. day. if possible.
Is not ashamed to twirl to show off her fashion choices.
And as of today has officially started potty training.  She picked out "Tangled" underwear and wanted to come home and watch "Tangled".  I brought the potty out and while I was on the phone with my sister she went on the potty and has gone another time since.  Crazy!  I am not naive enough to think it could be this easy but wouldn't that be nice????

That's a bit about my Addie-girl!

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