Saturday, February 23, 2013

5 Years of Blogging

Had some spare minutes and thought I'd sit down and blog.  Not having a specific topic in mind I began to evaluate the reasons to continue blogging.  I've discussed this before but it has become a question that increases in urgency as more and more days inch by and I haven't blogged.  I have entered the world of instagram at full force and equate it to mini-blogging and love it.  The problem is that it doesn't really FULLY capture our lives at the moment and that is what I love about blogging.  Allllllllll of this to say....I just realized that as of February 20th, I have been blogging for FIVE years.  That is crazy.  And every time I read back over old blogs I realize that I have already forgotten much of what I'd written.

So my new blogging goal is to at least blog weekly.  If for no other reason than to try and keep record of some of what that 3rd child of mine is up to.  :)

In 2009 I had close to 200 blog posts.  Last year I had a whopping 46.  So, if I weekly blog at least I will be at that.  Assuming I make up for the weeks that have passed.  The point is not that it will just be on my "To Do" list but that it will be a conscious effort to keep track of this sweet time in our lives.  These years FLY BY.  My 2 pound baby boys are about to turn SIX.  Ridiculous.  Too fast.  I will attempt to slow time down and keep these memories bottled up in this jar of mine, also known as, my blog.

So stay tuned.  I also want to focus on making this my gift to my children and family.  So blog reading friends and family.  Here's to 2013.  Speaking of that, I should probably change my 2012 header.  Oy!


LauraC said...

I support this resolution. You need to post more for ME!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Haha! Thanks Laura. I'm on it!!