Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Morning

I sat down to my computer to check the weather so that I can dress the kids appropriately and now I am bloging. Isn't it crazy how the computer can suck you in? Anyways, This is our morning. We are headed to the park and then to music class for all 3.

On a typical morning Addie is playing under the table. This is her FAVORITE spot. Partly because she gets some pre-meal appetizers like Cheerios from the floor and partly because she can snag her brother's toys and they are none the wiser.


A different perspective: I love Alex's cute little feet and the fact that his head is not even to the top of the chair.


Eli enjoying his breakfast in his FAVORITE way, with a side of TV.

His Cubby craft is hanging on the chair. It says "Jesus Loves Me" which is their Cubby Motto.

Alright, I am off to pack snacks and all the necessary supplies that will allow a peaceful outing, if that is possible.

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