Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apple Orchard 2011

Addie's first donut at the cider mill. She LOVED it. The boys were diggin' it too.Picnik collage
We had a really nice day at the "apple or-church" which is what the boys called it. Coincidentally we did actually skip church on this particular day so it was quite fitting.

Eli loved feeding the animals. I love this picture because it captures his excitement with Alex peering from behind the protection of his brother. I also love that you can catch a glimpse of Jared's smile. :)

They wore their super hero capes, of course.

I had to get a picture of Eli standing by the "vampire" apples, which is what he called them. This, is what 4 year olds do when you say "Go stand next to the sign for a picture".

I caught a little hand holding on the way home. So sweet. Picnik collage
This weekend is REALLY cold. I am actually hoping Jared might want to use our fireplace tonight when he gets home.

In other news we have actually been invited to watch a Lions game on Sunday with a group of friends. Can you believe it? The Lions are actually WORTH watching. Jared and I only watch sports once in a blue moon but I am wondering if we should get on this bandwagon. I am still just shocked and in awe that they are predicted to have a good season. It's crazy. :)

My fall decorating is complete which was fun for me. Maybe I will snag some pictures of that and share soon. All else is well except I am really cold right now and need to go have a cup of tea.

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