Friday, September 25, 2009


It is so easily gained when a child becomes sick. My friend Mariah's daughter Hannah is very sick. She has been on and off a vent for the past 24 hours. She has been fighting for her life. She has been gaining small victories for the last few hours. She is in the first grade. She needs to pull out of this.

As a parent, suddenly, the "stress" of 2 two and a half year olds feels like a tremendous blessing. Suddenly Alex still being awake at 10 pm turns into a chance to laugh with him and play "guess, what? chicken butt" not one but approximately 2 dozen times while he belly laughs and smiles with his eyes. Suddenly, the 3 am cries that are keeping me awake turn into chances to have a giggle fest with Eli. Suddenly the fact that I am still awake and feel as if I may not get a good's nights rest until the boys are 35 seems like it is just fine with me. Suddenly I am so completely aware that I am blessed to have a husband, sisters and friends that I can cry with for our sweet Hannah and know that we are all praying as if it were one of our own children in that hospital. Lord Heal Her!

edited to add @ 9am: Hannah seems to have turned a corner and is doing well off the vent for about two hours at a time. Hoping that her progress continues to head in the right direction.

Here is the link to all the good news about Hannah and the roller coaster ride that they are happy to be off of. Praise the Lord.


Liz said...

yes, nothing like that to put things into perspective. Praying for Hannah! The update sounded promising!

Dee said...

Glad to hear about Hannah's good turn.

Oh so often we are reminded of our blessings.

Krystal said...

Glad to hear Hannah is doing better! We will keep her in our prayers. :)

Chef Eureka said...

I'm sorry to hear of your friend's daughter. It's no good when kids are sick, seriously sick.

It reminds us how fragile life is and how dear our children are to us.

wenn said... have got such lovely babies..

Stephanie said...

Amen!! I have been sick to my stomach ever since I heard about Hannah. Prayers have been going up all over and we get to rejoice in the power of our God. May this be a reminder to us to make the most of every moment. Time is precious. Thank you for your post. The same thoughts have been going through my head these last few days.

Mariah said...

I love you. Thank you for your friendship and prayers.

AND....where the heck did you get 49 followers:) You should do something for your 50th follower!!! A GIVEAWAY!!!!