Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

So Summer is dwindling down for us in our neck of the woods. 3 weeks from today the boys go back to school. Crazy. They are excited but also want to be 1/2 dayers (not a first grade option). :)

I have a few minutes this morning because we were all heading out the door for Alex's OT appointment and it was cancelled. I was annoyed at first and now it kind of feels like we were graciously given an hour of down time. Love that. Funny, how that works. We have plenty of down time in the Summer but when it's unexpected, ahhhhh.

Summer's been fun and we still have a little Summer list of things we would like to do with the kids. Alex wanted to add Disney World to the list. Ha Ha. Funny.

Addie turned 3 on July 11th which is insane. We had a great little party at Aunt Mimi's. Fun was had. Food eaten. 3 year old spoiled rotten.

Also in big news the boys swam on their own a couple of weeks ago at Aunt Mimi's pool. Kim is a great swimmer so I aked her to show the boys a few things and the next thing I knew they were swimming. Alex took to it immediately while Eli was determined yet a little too "kicky". He was a bit panicky, however he settled down and got it too. Very fun to watch. We are moving onto: tying shoes and riding a bike without training wheels. When you have coordination/fine motor issues these thing FEEL huge. So exciting!

The boys and Addie have been painting. Both boys declaring they are going to be artists when they grow up.

We just finished with VBS at church this week where Eli got saved AGAIN. We explained once saved nothing can remove you from God's hand. He gets it and I think it is sweet that he wanted to MAKE SURE! I think anyone who grew up in church gets that.

They were both baptized at the beginning of Summer. We were proud that they both took this step of obedience to God and wanted to show everyone that they are believers. Poor Alex could barely touch and his feet kept floating to the top of the baptismal.

We started Occupational therapy for Alex and Physical therapy for Eli. Thankfully it is really close to us and right across from Greenfield Village where we LOVE to visit regularly.

We enjoyed our annual trip to the lake this year. The boys fished and we took turns canoeing and kayaking. I READ BOOKS! Yay.

So as we wrap up these weeks before school, we go out with a bang and have lots of fun things to do, in true Summertime fashion.

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