Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We had a lovely Easter.  We packed a little too much into the weekend with a room re-do (lesson learned) but still managed to calm our hearts and minds and worship with our church family on Easter Sunday.

The Easter message that my pastor preached was so, so, good.   I think it will always stay with me.  It was one of those.  Here's the link.

Now without further ado.  Here is my, albeit LAME, attempt at a family pic.  You'll notice Jared and I aren't in them.  He looked great.  Every pic of me however is not so great.  Just call me vain because I am NOT posting them.  BUT here are my cute kids!  :)  That makes up for it right????


Yep these are the best I got.  It was a bit cold and NO ONE was excited about taking the pictures.  I'm glad that pictures of the kids with perfect smiles are not what Easter is all about because I would be in SERIOUS TROUBLE.  :)  They are precious nonetheless.  Hope everyone had a good Spring Break.

Oops almost forgot to discuss Eli's hat..... first and foremost let it be said that the boy pulls it off!  Am I right??  Secondly he walked into the store with Aunt Linda and I and went straight for this hat.  He wanted to get it so that he could be like Indiana Jones.  Nuff said!!  When I thought Alex might want one he was quick to tell me "NO WAY!"  He did however pick out the shirts AND he wanted them to match, which I thought was kind of funny.  Love these kids.  As for Addie's wardrobe she picked that out.  Her main request was a "PINK DRESS!!!"

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