Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cabin

We have been home for almost a week and I cannot count the number of times that the boys have asked to go back to the cabin.  This year was a huge success.  Last year Jared and I considered driving back home on day 2.  This year we agreed we could have stayed another week.  We had perfect weather and our kids had a blast.

The first morning the boys were up at 5:45 a.m. and ready to hit the beach.  We compromised and some time after 7:30 headed down for a walk. This of course turned into pajama swimming.
Addie was not a fan of the sand.  She is our water baby so I never anticipated the lake being a problem but she wanted little to do with it this year.  This is Daddy trying to convince her sand is fun.
This is her deciding a good beach chair and a cold drink is much better.  I guess she's got a point.
These stairs are the reason I didn't put on 5 lbs during our trip.  This house had a deck with 3 levels that led down to our beach.  We also went on bike rides (separately, in the a.m. while the other stayed with the kids) and one morning I even canoed (is that a word?) across the lake.
This picture is just because I think this guy is unbelievably handsome.  :) IMG_7095
One of my favorite things about getting away as a family is that Jared is there with us all day.  He gets to laugh with me at our crazy kids and our crazy life.

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Liz said...

Just stopping by to say hi. I haven't checked in in a awhile. Glad you had a great vacation. We leave next week for two weeks and I can't wait. The kids are so big now! Time flies. Kindergarten here we come...