Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How did this happen????

and could someone please tell me how to make it STOP.  Mama is struggling with the whole, babies turning 5, thing.  Don't even get me started on kindergarten. IMG_5967

Enough about how them turning 5 affects me.  Hello, self-involved!  Anyways the boys are so excited to turn 5.  They have been counting down and ALL THEY WANT IS A SKATEBOARD!!!!

I wish (man do I wish) that I were kidding.  Jared assures me that they'll be OK.  I foresee ER visits in our near future.
Eli was so excited in this picture to wear his towel "like Daddy".

Anyways, they are growing ridiculously fast and doing and saying crazy things all. the. time.  Alex called me outside today and he was swinging HIGH by himself.  No need for anyone to push him or "get him started" like he usually asks.  He was full on, big boy, swinging.  I got a lump in my throat.  When he couldn't wait to show Daddy we all went back outside and the twinkle in Alex's eye was unmistakable.  Jared caught him in a huge hug and all I could think was I am ridiculously blessed.

2 healthy 27 weekers.  There were days when I could never have pictured 5 year olds swinging like big boys.

That day is here.


 Thank you Lord.IMG_5769
Their latest obsession.  Lego Batman & Lego Indiana Jones.  They pretty much wake up asking to play.

Happy Birthday Alex!  Happy Birthday Eli!  You are unbelievably loved!!!!


LauraC said...

They look so big! I can't believe they are 5 either!

Liz said...

I hope they had a GREAT birthday! I'm trying to gear up for mine to turn 5 too. Seriously went in a blink of an eye. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI & ALEX!